Translations English-German/German-English

I am able to translate all texts intended for a larger audience or the general public regardless of the subject matter. This includes

However, I will not translate highly specialized or academic texts from fields other than the following: humanities and arts (classical and modern literature, languages, theatre, cinema, history), cultural studies, communication studies, sociology, politics.


Unless otherwise agreed, my fee will be based on the length of the source text, measured in “standard lines” of 54 characters including blanks. An average A4 page of text (Arial, font-size 12; 1.5 line spacing) contains about 40 standard lines.

Just send a copy of the text you need translated to, and I’ll be happy to get back to you with a quotation.

Software/File Formats

I am running both Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, so I can accommodate most requirements when it comes to file formats (rtf, doc, odt, sxw, txt). If you need your translation returned to you in a particular file format – e.g. an unformatted “text only” txt file for importing into your CMS – this can be done as well.

If your material is not available in any electronic format, I am of course just as happy to receive good old-fashioned paper.